The tests revolve around issues such as polygraph and GPN exams, costs, qualified individuals, and probable questions subjected to those individuals, who submit to lie detector tests. Private investigators or detectives are among the people, who administer the questions during an investigation process. Moreover, individuals can seek advice from private investigators and other individuals, who […]

A lie detector test is usually used to measure the degree of truthfulness of the subject’s responses as demonstrated by their physiological reactions to a list of relevant questions. A private investigator tasked with the administration of the lie detector test uses the output generated by a polygraph machine to translate the body’s reactions to […]

We have experienced examiners, private investigators, who have a lot of experience with polygraph tests. Our company has a huge number of polygraph examiners and they do tests all throughout The UK and the rest of Europe. Our company which was established in 1999 is one of the leaders in administering polygraph testing in the […]

Polygraph testing is a very popular method to detecting criminals in the UK. It is frequently used among UK’s private investigators and criminologists. These days, several agencies are operational in the UK that run polygraph tests for a considerable amount of money. These agencies use recent technologies to detect criminals. The reason behind the increasing […]

Polygraph tests are used to get information from a person in regards to a certain case that is being solved. It is a 2 hour test that comprises of several phases before the actual results can be obtained.

The polygraph or often refer to as a lie detector, is a machine that is used to verify if somebody is telling the truth. The price varies depending on the company that offers the services and the specific case. The best way to find out the price of the test is to contact the company […]

Suspicions concerning a number of reasons can drive an individual to purchase lie detectors or hire a private investigator. These suspicions range from projects, infidelity among spouses, or management of child behaviour. Imperatively the prices of several lie detectors are high and require the individuals to invest in them. It is important to note that […]

Lie detector testing is the best means of establishing whether a person is telling the truth or not when questioned regarding a given issue. The high level of reliability associated with lie detector tests make them quite popular with people looking to ascertain the truth in a given issue. It is important to ensure that […]

Our company is staffed with polygraph examiners who are certified and accredited to work in the UK.  We have access to all the UK polygraph testers who are accredited and employ only the ones who are internationally known.

Lie detector tests, which are often known as polygraph tests, are now widely used among law enforcing agencies and private investigators around the world. These days, many reputed private investigators in the UK are using lie detector tests to solve difficult cases, like adultery in a marriage, teenage behavioral problems, etc. Polygraph machines are often […]