People take lie detector tests for several reasons. People could take the test to verify suspicions regarding a partner’s behaviour. Another reason is to check whether a teenage child is being honest. Or any project that needs to be undertaken and a polygraph test is required. The problem comes in when one realizes that the lie detectors are extremely expensive. It is difficult to find a free lie detector test, but there are ways of getting cheaper ones.


Online Lie Detector Tests

There are a number of online services that claim to provide free lie detector software. Although these services turn out to be fraudulent because if they are free why would they ask for credit card information to get the results of the polygraph tests. Another problem with the free services is that they provide answers which aren’t accurate.


Buying Lie Detection Software

Lie detection software that is bought is much better than the ones that are offered for free although they work on the same premise. These kinds of Softwares are the ones mostly used by private investigators. The bought software comes in different versions and the best part is that they cost a fraction of the full cost of a traditional test. In many cases, they cost a tenth of the traditional test. To get the best solution, it is important to look into different lie detection software packages. Some packages are well known while others are new to the market and since you would want something you can rely on you would be better placed to use the well-known ones.


Polygraph Machine Purchase

A polygraph machine can be bought and it will be much cheaper than the actual polygraph exam. The reason it will be cheaper is because a trained professional would not be administering the test. When an untrained person is an examiner the accuracy of the test results will be put into question. The polygraph machines that are sold claim to provide the accuracy. Other of the advantages of buying a personal polygraph machine is that it can be used over and over again and when it is not going to be used it can be sold to someone else who might want to use it.


Voice Test

Another alternative to a polygraph examination is paying for a voice test. Voice tests work by using sub-audible tremors in a person’s response to questions to check whether they are telling the truth or not. A voice test can done over the phone which makes it more convenient than the actual examination. It is also much cheaper as the cost is lower and the person would not have to travel to the place where the test is being administered. There are some cases in which the tests cost half of the polygraph exam.


Negotiate Polygraph Prices

To get the best results is to have a polygraph test done by a professional examiner with the right equipment. Although this may be a costly option there are professionals, private investigators, with whom the person can negotiate a price with them to find a cost in which they can handle. The person will be able to reduce the cost by a couple of hundreds of pounds.