You may call it a “Truth Finder” if you do not like to call it a “Lie Detector”! Private Investigators in the UK, in US, in Ireland and in 100+ other lands use polygraph to detect criminals as well as innocents. It is just a sensor device which can measure the blood pressure, heart beat and sweating rate of a suspect under its straps. The straps, not traps, are tied around a suspect’s chest, belly, arms and fingers (if need be, somewhere else too).


Who Can Perform Polygraph Tests?

The trained private investigators, police and other trained professionals can perform polygraph tests. If you get training on polygraph test, you too can perform this test, no problem at all. You need not be a lawyer or police or detective at all. All that you need is a proper training and a certificate.


Who Can Receive Polygraph Test?

You can if you are 18 or above. If you are under 18, you will need your guardians’ permission for it. Or you can commit some crime and refuse to confess it when you are caught. Then there is a chance that you will be taken under polygraph test to let you know you are a criminal! But you are not going to do it any way! But it happens that often an innocent is taken for a suspect. In that case, the innocents’ lawyer can request for a polygraph test.


How Does Polygraph Work?

When the strapping is done, the polygraph will start measuring your (if you are a suspect) blood pressure, heart beat and sweating. Then the private investigator will ask you several questions. Some are true and some are false. For example, if a suspect is suspected of a murder by gun, he could be asked questions like- did your friend shot him/ who shot his/ did you shot him/ no, you didn’t shot him, did you? And for every question the polygraph will measure your senses. And at the end, it will give a graph of your responses. Depending on which, you will either be released or be taken to further investigation, may be beating and electric surprises.


Rules Of A Polygraph Test

The suspect must not be drugged. He/ she must be with all his/ her actual senses. The suspect should also be free from heart disease or problems. Besides, mental illness, cold, asthma, or any other disease that makes the blood pressure and heart beat abnormal automatically. So, before a polygraph test, sometime a fraud investigation is done depending on the suspect’s physical and mental health. These are the rules in general. Above these, there are 2000 ways or tricks to discover a true lair or criminal.


Results Of Polygraph Test

The result is mostly successful. A man can deceive others’ senses, but he cannot deceive his own. Yes, there are people who can control their feeling so successfully that even a polygraph may fail. But it will fail once or twice; 2000 ways cannot fail, until one truly has attained a sort of godhood.