Polygraph tests are used to prove whether or not you’re innocent. We, the Manchester Detectives, use the same equipment that is used in the United States, where our examiners also acquire their training. Our in-house examiners, who are also private investigators, receive their training at the institute based in the United States called the New England Polygraph Institute.


During The Examination

The Polygraph examination takes 2 hours on average to be completed, but depending on the complexity of the case, it can take much longer. During the examination, the person being examined will be alone. In other words, except for the examiner and the examinee, the examination room will not contain another person. Before the examination starts, the examinee can speak to the examiner if necessary. And once the exam is over, the results can be seen immediately; however, if there are no printing facilities available, the report can be seen 48 hours later.


How The Testing Works

It works through a variety of different variables. The machine that is used for the polygraph testing measures many different things, such as perspiration, the oxygen levels in the blood, heart rate, and the muscle movement. The person on whom the examination will be conducted is to be attached to this machine via a cuff, which is attached to their arm. This cuff, which is called the blood cuff, is similar to the ones that are used in the hospitals to measure a person’s blood pressure.


How Many Hours

As mentioned earlier, the exam will take approximately 2 or 3 hours, and all the questions that will be asked during the exam will already be asked to the examinee prior the beginning of the examination. The exact same questions will be asked during the exam, so the examinee will know exactly what to expect. You can see the results of the tests as soon as the exam is over, but you will have to wait for the written report, which will be emailed to you later.


Examination Location

The exam is held in one of our offices. However, if that is not convenient for you, you can ask for a private meeting to be arranged. A person can be brought along with you on the day of the examination if you wish, but they will not be allowed to enter the examination room and will have to wait outside the exam room until your test is over.

The examination can be arranged in different places, such as your workplace, our head office located in Nottingham, or our central office in London. And if none of these options are good enough for you, you can also ask for a private room to be arranged. If you arrange many exams, then we also offer a discount.

If you’re wondering about our prices, then know that it varies from one location to the next, and you should contact the private investigators in Wales, England, Nottingham, and Scotland to ask about the prices. One important thing that you must keep in mind is that pregnant women aren’t allowed to take the lie detector test, so be sure to inform us about it beforehand.